Which Menu Plan is Right for You?

As you are looking over the She Plans Dinner subscription options, are you wondering which plan is right for you? We have 6 different menus…


1. Classic Comfort Food 1-2 is good home cooking. There is a lot of meat and potatoes, sauces and comfortable casseroles on this plan. It is familiar dishes. Dishes that your mom cooked and your grandmother cooked. It is recipes that smell and taste of home. The Classic Comfort menus also contain 2 desserts. Classic Comfort 1-2 has amounts that are tailored for 1-2 people.


2. Classic Comfort Food 4-6 is the same recipes as Classic Comfort Food 1-2, just with portions tailored for 4-6 people.


3. Variety Plan 1-2 is just that-lots of variety. We have curries and stews, pestos and couscous, hummus and coq au vin. The variety plan is lighter and more adaptable than the Classic Comfort plan if you are on a diet. The sauces are cleaner often starring  one herb. Expect occasional fish, plus chicken, pork, beef, and sausage. The variety plan is how I feed my family as it is family friendly. It has a lot of classic comfort, but is lighter on the heavy casseroles. The Variety menus also contain 2 desserts.


4. Variety Plan for 4-6 is the same recipes as Variety 1-2, it just has proportions tailored for 4-6 people.


5. Fit & Healthy 1-2 is really aimed at people who want to eat healthy. It is low on carbs and dairy, high in protein and vegetables. I would generally NOT recommend it for most families, unless you are committed to the gluten-free, dairy-free way of eating. There are usually 2 fish meals every menu, and often a meat free dinner. Fit and Healthy 1-2 has recipes that have been tailored for 1-2 people.



6. Fit & Healthy 4-6 is the same as F&H 1-2, just with amounts tailored for 4-6 people.

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